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Why not let Jussi help you? He's a bartender. I need it today. When was the last time you had a really good cry?

I come from a humble background. We're not going to start doing that.

Let's go over it again. Susumu may win this time.

I was in hospital a few days ago. Where's the hammer? Car production in that year reached a record 10 million vehicles. He hates falsehood more than anything else. I think we need to be very careful not to hurt Anderson's feelings. I don't have the slightest idea what to do.

You're hilarious. I didn't have time to do everything that needed to be done. Fuckin' slow-ass computer. Fuck this! I ain't doin' shit anymore.

Fay never talks about his job. I'm not afraid of anyone.

I must report this to him. I'm worried about what'll happen if Soohong wins. We came to a fork in the road and had no idea which direction to go. Dave got out of the car. That we met in Paris was a fortunate accident.

Annie likes to wear tight clothes. The lake is large and beautiful. Take her home. True love is like the appearance of ghosts: everyone talks about it but few have seen it.

If Sandra's mother hadn't meddled in their marriage, Cathy and Sharan might still be together. Where is the emergency exit? A stranger felt up Juergen's breasts as she was returning home. I saw them go inside. I'm here to do what I can. There used to be a great castle on that hill. They asked us for advice. I'm glad Brendan isn't my wife. She left her son alone in the car.

It's best if you do everything Per tells you to do. My grandfather is still sound in mind and body. She would have liked to peep in, but could not do such a thing. I told her what to do. I live on my own.

I think you had better take a rest. I won't be able to pay for it. Only Jorge would have the guts to do that kind of thing. My neighbors are four sisters and a cat.

It's unclear how Sal died. Criticisms that Japan's market is closed are just sour grapes. I am eighteen years old.