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I have a big house. This is harder than I thought. Men are physically stronger than women. I think you're doing a great job. It's confidential. Sorry, I don't think I'm gonna be able to. He will be named for President.

Shall I carry coffee to them? This is where Eric worked. I'm not going to tell them that. She was lying face down on the bed. Roderick's plan seems the best. His father is Japanese. A crowd of 500 filled the theater. You're mistaken.

I hope your wish will come true. I'd like to drink some tea or coffee.

I believed every word he said. Kuala Lumpur is worth visiting. I came to work by bike this morning. I won't tolerate your mistakes again. We should all be so lucky. Vilhelm wears silk ties. One for all, and all for one, this is our motto. I've done stupid things.

I took part in the athletic meeting. I will get my brother to carry your bag for you. It is curious that she should have asked you such a thing. Where can I buy a surfboard? Kevyn will bring you up to date.

I'll ask them to join you. This is a good hospital.

What you've just told me chimes in with what I heard yesterday. They wanted a bigger discount.

Saint Peter's Square was crowded. You shouldn't make light of a headache. We'll suppress the rebellion. The beasts ran through the plain.

Let's hope Jingbai will have the sense not to do that. I hope your birthday is full of song and good times all day long! Happy birthday! She thought she could get him to like her.

His wife drinks really like a fish. Just stay cool. I'm going to surprise her. You must cut down on extra expenses in order to live within your means.

We're very happy with the results. He sat brooding over his troubles all day. I got something from Subra. How much money do you owe me? I certainly had no idea Cole was studying French. Where do I go then? You must stay the night. It's a very slow business. I found what I was looking for in the drawers. He is as generous as wealthy.

She has a rare given name. This book has gone through eight editions. I saw him do it. My arm still hurts. Jack was a waitress. In fact, this does not seem to be true at all, except in a very trivial sense. But most of all he wondered what her name was. Rogue guessed my weight. I had to go there alone.

I thought that's why you were here. I don't deny that. Jisheng is my son's friend. What kind of accidents might happen?

She talks as if she knew all about it. No matter who says so, I don't believe it. The policeman wrested a gun from the murderer. This is a problem! I'm ready to go home. This stock was new in today. I am French.

They seem a little past their peak, but even so we enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms. With winter coming on, it's time to buy warm clothes.